A little over 3 years ago Emily-Smith Mossman, her husband Greg and sister Katie heard of a boy who had no shoes that fit him. He had cut the toes open so he could still wear them. The scoured their own closets and found 2 pairs of gently used sneakers and anonymously gave them to him.

From this simple act of kindness North Country Cares was born. Realizing that if there was one child in need there must be many, Emily put together the first Back To School Giveaway, filling backpacks with school supplies and getting donations of clothing for middle and high school ages, in just 3 weeks time.

North Country Cares has hosted 3 such giveaways, each bigger and better. 200 new backpacks filled with all the supplies needed to attend middle and high school and thousand of articles of clothing and accessories are given free to kids 12-18, in but not exclusive to the Mt Washington Valley.

The Give away Is a one day event held at the N Conway Community Center. Seeing that there was an ongoing need after the second one, the idea for a store open to 12-18 year old’s began to taken shape.

The Revolving Closet, a free teen boutique, began. Open the First and third Sundays of every month, we provide kids 12-18 a place to “shop” for free, meeting their friends there, finding their own style. The kids are not all wealthy, not all poor, they come together here from all walks of life because their are friends andd fellow students. They make the atmosphere very relaxed and lots of fun

We are now in our second year of the “Closet”, located in the upstairs of the Congregational Church in North Conway NH.

We are grateful. As a donation based organization we represent the best of our community because without them we would not be. The wonderful church who has found it in their hearts to house us, the church “snack fairies” who leave us treats for our kids every week, the Rotary Club who gave us a new laptop to keep our finances in good order and all the people who take the time to go through their closets and bag up and deliver donations to us for our Revolving Closet. We are the very thankful recipients of every financial donation that we receive.

Who we have become. We are a 5 person dedicated board of directors, executive director and fantastic volunteers.